Ever wanted to plug your speaker out straight into your recording gear? now you can!

Do away with the complexity and expense of microphones and pre-amps and capture your amp tone without needing any sound-proofing or acoustic treatment.


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15 ohm 10 watt load allows you to use the unit in place of a speaker on most small, single-ended valve amps. No-load 200w mode allows you to use it with any solid-state amp, or with any valve amp that has an existing load, be that speaker, HotBox or other attenuator!

The HotLine is a neutral device and should be used with speaker simulation plugins for best results. Here's a few of our favourites...

Boogex (VST/AU) by Voxengo [Impulse based, Free]
NadIR (VST/AU) by Ignite Amps [Impulse based, Free]
MCabinet by Melda Production [Modelling based, Not free]

Tech specs

  • Use as a stand-alone dummy load for amps of 10w or less.
  • Use with an external load (speaker or attenuator) for amps up to 200w.
  • Output limiting protects your precious recording equipment.
  • LowPass Tone control allows you to filter out harshness at the source.
  • Ground lift to solve noisy hum loops.
  • Overload indicator lets you know when you are approaching the 10w load limit.
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