AudioStorm VBM master volume control box

This is a hand-made, British, very high quality mono volume control box. It offers smooth control, point-to-point constuction with shielded OFC cables, high quality sockets and a large knob in a sturdy impact-resistant enclosure.

Tech specs

This unit uses an audio taper 100k Logarithmic pot. It is versatile and ideal for use in most scenarios including after your effects pedals, with professional audio equipment, and in front of the input or in the effects loop of most amplifiers, including valve amplifiers.

  • Point-to-Point wiring for long life
  • Shielded OFC cable for low noise
  • Metal shaft potentiometer for smooth rotation
  • Large 35mm knob for easy and precise control
  • Impact resistant enclosure
  • Adhesive velcro hook-and-loop strip option incuded
  • 100k audio taper pot is preferred for most uses
  • Each unit is individually hand-made and tested


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