Tone Lord Multi-Mode Clean Booster

Our first Kickstarter offering of a multi-function clean booster has been successful!

The ToneLord offers four clean boost tones sculpted acording to a specific, famous album from each decade, and awesome blue knobs, switches, LED and time-travel theming!

By popular demand from folks who missed out on a chance to supprt our kickstarter you can now pre-order one to be delivered after the kickstarter orders are fulfilled but before Christmas!

For historical reference you can see the project on Kickstarter here:

Pre-order the ToneLord direct from AudioStorm for only £79.00

Orders will be made and delivered -after- all kickstarter ones are posted out, but, this should still be in time for Christmas!

Technical Details

The ToneLord is designed to allow you to boost your valve amp or any analogue system into overload.

  • Pure analogue circuitry.

  • Safe to use with DC supplies of up-to 25v for professional equipment.

  • Four tone eras to travel to and colour your clean boost, plus a neutral one for when you feel like staying home.

    • 60's : Mid boost with treble rolled off.

    • 70's : Bright, wide and balanced.

    • 80's : Sharp, aggressive and peaky.

    • 90's : Well rounded top-end punch.

  • Staggeringly huge amounts of gain which can saturate even the boost itself!

  • Extra switches for 'even more boost' and 'even more tone'!

  • Can use a traditional PP3 battery should you wish!

  • Loads of fantastic British components including the pot (Omeg), rotary switch (Lorlin), jack sockets (Cliff) and more!