F258 Drive

The F258 drive is a unique and original British overdrive. Like most musicians we had tried out all the classic overdrives. Each had it's strong spot but none quite nailed what we were looking for, so we set to work to make something new.

The F258 uses a studio-grade FET front end for hiss free gain, driving into a custom DOD250 style clipping diode section, followed by a Tubescreamer inspired active EQ. The result is a really natural sounding drive that lifts your sound up and out of the mix, then injects it with magic.

The diode section is switchable between Silicon Symmetric for that classic, crisp overdrive pedal sound and Germanium Asymmetric for the early breakup and higher sensitivity of vintage pedals.

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Technical Details

  • Pure analogue circuitry.

  • Solid cast aluminium chassis.

  • Easy-access PP3 battery box.

  • Millenium style true bypass.

  • Genuine Germanium diodes, hand selected for tone.

  • Point-to-point jack and footswitch wiring.

  • Hand made in Manchester, UK.