Global sales and Brexit

We are continuing, business as usual, throughout and beyond Brexit. There are many problems but I am working hard to solve them.

UK parts shortages

For many reasons it has become more difficult and more expensive to source parts. I may end up taking some products off sale, but if you can put it in your cart I still have that in stock


Most parts of EU now have to pay an import fee, regardless of item value. I will soon sign up for a service that lets me pay EU VAT in advance but I need a whole new website to manage that. In the meantime I am sorry to say you'll have to pay unpredictable import fees upon receipt.


Most parts of the USA have a high imported goods threshold so in many areas you will pay nothing. A few others, such as California and New York, may collect tax at your doorstep.

Everywhere else

Please check you import rules. A few places are cheap to import to, most have local fees!

Thank you for supporting us during this difficult time. Stay well! X

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