The BurnBox is a dummy load and all-analogue Speaker Simulating Direct Recording box that uses passive-inductive equalization to create natural speaker tone and response. It utilises carefully designed inductive coil filters to precisiely replicate high and low frequency resonance and roll-off in exactly the same way a real speaker!

The tone is astounding and every bit as good as a vintage speaker being recorded through a world class-microphone!

We're unbelievably pleased with how well this idea has come to life and are sure you'll agree it sounds incredible!

The BurnBox is designed to work as a dummy load with any of our power attenuators to entirely replace your speaker for recording purposes. As a passive, analogue device it requires no batteries or power supply. For best performance you should use it with a high impedance, unbalanced (high-z) recording input, such as a line-in.

The BurnBox also provides a headphone output so you can jam by yourself in silence! This output works best with 600 ohm studio headphones but will also work with earbuds and consumer headphones at a reduced volume level.

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